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Eva Maria Ruiz de Castilla

Eva Maria Ruiz de Castilla

Consultor Independiente en Politicas Sociales

Mrs. Eva Maria Ruiz de Castilla has been a member of IAPO’s Global Governing Board since 2010. She has had an extensive career promoting and lecturing about patient-centred healthcare around the world. She is an expert on issues of social development, humanitarian action and public policy. Since she joined IAPO, she has dedicated her time to patient-based organizational capacity building and has led various workshops on patient empowerment, networking, drug regulation, immunization, biologics and HTA.

In addition to her contribution to IAPO, Eva Maria consults part-time for various Peruvian ministries, including Health, Social Development, Housing, Women, and Water-Sanitation to help design and coordinate the country’s public-sector social assistance programs. From 2011 to 2012, Eva Maria was Director General of the Peruvian Ministry of Health’s (MINSA) International Coordination office and, before that, served as MINSA’s Director General of Health Prevention and Promotion. She has in-depth experience working with donor country agencies and multilateral organizations such as the Pan-American Health Organization, United Nations and the World Bank.

Her experience and involvement with building the capacity of civil society organizations focused on cancer in Peru earned her the American Cancer Society’s “Excelencia Latina 2009” Award. In 2011, Eva Maria was named a Global Cancer Ambassador by the American Cancer Society, and was invited by the World Health Organization to participate as a civil society representative during the UN High-Level Meeting on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In Europe, she consulted for the United Nations on food and agriculture issues for the southern common market (MERCOSUR). Eva Maria has authored a number of publications and papers on social development, health, and citizen engagement, and has been invited to speak at more than 200 national and international congresses. She is an Industrial Engineer by training and has a Master degree in Political Science-International Cooperation by the Sorbonne University as well as PhD studies in Economic Development by the EHESS Paris.